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Troy Baker with me! by mimori-kiryu Troy Baker with me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 14 4 Dante Basco with me! by mimori-kiryu Dante Basco with me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 2 3 Bryce Papenbrook and Cherami Leigh with me! by mimori-kiryu Bryce Papenbrook and Cherami Leigh with me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 4 1 My Lelouch Shrine *Updated 4-22-14* by mimori-kiryu My Lelouch Shrine *Updated 4-22-14* :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 1 3 Monica Rial and Vic Mignogna with me! by mimori-kiryu Monica Rial and Vic Mignogna with me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 2 1 Stephanie Sheh and me! by mimori-kiryu Stephanie Sheh and me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 2 2 Monica Rial and me! by mimori-kiryu Monica Rial and me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 0 0 Dan Green with me! by mimori-kiryu Dan Green with me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 1 0 EvilleCon 2014 Epic Photo~! by mimori-kiryu EvilleCon 2014 Epic Photo~! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 18 0
i'll never stop loving you
Pairing: Makorra
Summary: After Harmonic Convergence, the world goes back to some kind of normalcy. Mako goes back to his job as a detective and throws himself into his work, trying to rid his mind of his love life. Two years pass, Mako gets a job to help an orphan reunite with his last living sibling. Meanwhile, Korra has been traveling through the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation and she's finally back to Republic City. But nothing is what she expected.
Word Count: 3,541

Another day, another case.
This was Mako's life now.
He saw his brother and friends every so often. Bolin had become a big mover star and also still played for the Fire Ferrets in his off times; Asami was the CEO of the fully reestablished Future Industries and Korra...well, she was off doing Avatar duties and still training and living with Tenzin on Air Temple Island. Mako had really put his past behind him for the most part. “Most part” being the key words.
The firebender sighed as he pulled on
:iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 0 3
Scott McNeil with me! by mimori-kiryu Scott McNeil with me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 2 5 Stephanie Young and me! by mimori-kiryu Stephanie Young and me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 0 0 Lauren Landa and me! by mimori-kiryu Lauren Landa and me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 0 0 Sean Schemmel with me! by mimori-kiryu Sean Schemmel with me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 0 0 Scott Freeman with me! by mimori-kiryu Scott Freeman with me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 1 0 J. Michael Tatum and me! by mimori-kiryu J. Michael Tatum and me! :iconmimori-kiryu:mimori-kiryu 0 0


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I never update this thing enough. :XD: Well, I went to Anime Crossroads back in December and it was awesome...and I met a guy there and he's my boyfriend now. ^^; I love himmmm; he's so perfect. Anyway after that work kept me busy until EvilleCon, my convention, which went great! We had Vic Mignogna and Monica Rial as our voice actor guests and it was epic! We also had LittleKuriboh too. He's a sweetheart~ And then I went to MTAC for the Saturday just to meet Dan Green and he was AMAZING. That man is my childhood. Then we had MomoCon in Atlanta and I met Bryce Papenbrook (tied for my favorite VA ever!!), Cherami Leigh, Troy Baker, Dante Basco... :D one of the best cons I've ever been to.

Only other convention this year (for now ;)) is OMGCon in Owensboro, KY, my HOME CITY! Crazy that a convention is in my hometown.

Talk to ya'll soon~!

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United States
i'm a crazy anime fangirl who loves English dubbed series and wants to meet every voice actor whose had an impact on my life.

i'm the #1 fangirl of Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass :heart: no one loves him as much as I do. trust me on that one. :love:

my favorite card game is Cardfight!! Vanguard. i have an unhealthy obsession with aichi, kai, and royal paladins in general~ <3

oh i'm on staff of a convention too. we're awesome so you should totally check us out:

I'm also the co-founder of the official fanclub for voice actor Bryce Papenbrook so you should totally check us out here:



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Happy birthday, fellow Code Geass fan!
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Happy Birthday, Mimori! :D (Sorry if I'm so late... ^^; )
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Thank you very much for the watch! :)
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